Collapsible Boxes

  Pallets with Collars


Collar-X Box

Collar Hinge Pallet boxes offer a very convenient solution for economic,reusable and globally recyclable system of packaging for automotive and electronic components. The pallet can be assembled and disassembled in layer and provides easy placement of parts which have to be placed in different layer as well as easy removability during use or and assembly lines. 

These are availlable in different standard and custom sizes to suit customer requirements. Dividers and partitions are also available to allow different layers and separations between components to prevent collision of parts during sea or land transportation.

These are made from high quality wood and can be reused from 15-20 times containers shipped of boxes with parts can be brought back in 1 container for use.







   Nail-less Pallets


Stronga Box

These are easy to assemble boxes supplied in flat form and are delivered as pallet base and sides. the boxes are made of special high strength plywood with sides made up of steel hinges that provide high strength for stacking of pallets.

The complete pallet can be assembled within a few minutes by fixing the steel tongues into the hinges.

As supplied the pallets consume only 20% of the volume compared to assembled boxes.

These are available in standard Euro Sizes and can also be supplied in custom sizes to suit client requirements.






Globally Recyclable 
Globally Reusable
Light Weight
Only 15% space required for storage

Ideal to Pack:
Metal | Electronics | Garments | Furniture |Polymers | Food Grade Materials