VCI Emitters

VCI Emitter 4200

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VCI 42000 Emitter are unique devices designed to provide corrosion protection for metal components and parts enclosed in Non-Ventilated carton boxes, cabinet or pallets and containers. These work by emission of VCI chemicals.

They are available as breathable pouches that do not leave any powder dust or secrete water on the parts in contact.

Dosage- 5gms per 10 cu ft, Available in- 5/10/20/50 gms

VCI 4500 Emitter + Desiccant

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VCI 4500 is a combination of VCI Emitter & desiccant to provide absorption of moisture and emission of VCI chemicals. It is a great dual action formula pouch with 50% content as VCI powder and other 50% as humidity absorbent desiccants. It provides a great way to protect components, machinery or parts. It reduces the confusion for using 2 products i.e. desiccant and emitter combined to a single combo pouch.

Dosage: 50 grams for 25 cu ft, Available in 50/100/250 gms                                             


VCI 19000 Desiccant

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VCI 19000 Desiccant is a drying agent used to lower the moisture content of air inside a closed space. The moisture is entrapped in the sieves of the desiccant and cannot be transferred ack to environment even at high temperatures. It can be used for food and non food grade applications.

Dosage: 50 grams per 10 cu ft, Available in 5/10/20/50 gms 


VCI Emitter 5 AND 11

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VCI Emitters are used to protect electronic and metal components from the warth of corrosion.

Emitters can be placed in the vicinity of the electronic and metal components which are in an enclosed environment. The VCI molecules evaporate from teh breathable membrane and provide long term corrosion protection from humidity and corrosive gases such as H2S,Nh3 and So2 etc.

Dosage: Emitter 5 for 5 cu ft and Emitter 11 for 11 cu ft


Size- 2" to 200"
Printing- 2 colour
Roll Size-Custom
Thickness-30 microns +

Ideal to Pack:
Casting | Forging | Sheet Metal | Sintered Metal | Machined Parts | Machinery