Cleaning Agents

Solvent Based Cleaners

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 These are dry to touch oils that leave no stains or residue on the components. The chemical   and the oil forms a soft film settles in the cavity of metals roughness and protects the metal from finger rusting, settlement of moisture, coolants causing corrosion and acid fumes.




Product CodeFilm ThicknessProtection PeriodDrying TimeFlash Point
CL000  0 micron  1/2 hr.  5 mins.  40° C
CI002 0.2 micron 5 Days 5 mins. 40° C
CI005 0.5 micron 30 Days 5 mins. 40° C
CL000H 0 micron 1/2 hr. 30 mins + 90° C
CLOO2HFP 0.2 micron 5 Days 30 mins + 90° C
CL005HFP 0.5 micron 30 Days 30 mins + 90° C
CI000 QD 0 micron 1/2 hr. 30 sec 40° C
CI002 QD 0.2 micron 5 Days 30 sec 40° C

Aqueous Cleaners

Aquaflush is specially designed for achievement of low Millipore values on components. It is used in inter-operational and final cleaning operations of multi-metal parts and components and is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial spray and intensive flood wash machines. 
Aquaflush is particularly recommended where corrosion protection during short-term storage is required. Aquaflush effectively removes soluble oils, light duty neat cutting or forming oils, lubrication oils, soft film corrosion preventives and general dirt.

Product CodeProtection PeriodPHConcentration
AQ03 2 Days 9 2-3%
AQSYN 2 Days 14 2-5%




Rustx cleaner

RP Additive RPA4500

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Leak Testing in water causes deposition of water on metal surface resulting in high moisture content around metal surface. Often heating is done to dry off the water which is slow and costly method. Rust Preventive additives when added with water stops inter process corrosion and protection for a period of upto 7days. RPA4500 also prevents fungal and bacterial growth for 3-6 months. 

1. Leak Testing 1-2%
2. Cutting Oil Tanks 1-2%
3. Washing Machines with Aqueous Washing 1-2%
4. Cooling Towers 1%
5. Recirculation water 1%