VCI HDPE Tape is made up from woven HDPE fabric tape, with liner, with high bond strength. 

The adhesive system is tacky and has very high adhesion to most surfaces. Excellent tear resistance in both directions and waterproof properties make it a good sealing tape. The sealing properties of RUST-­‐X VCI tapes are exceptional with very high bonding and does not get released with heating or moisture exposure. This finds its use for packaging of automotive components, engine packaging, heavy machinery packaging etc. 

Shelf Life

1 year shelf life when stored in original packing and ambient room temperature.

Application: All substrates should be clean and contaminant free. A solvent such as IPA is recommended for cleaning purposes and the tape should be applied with pressure.


Carrier – HDPE Fabric
Adhesive – Hot Melt high strength adhesive
Liner – Siliconised Paper
Thickness total – 120 micron
Adhesion on stainless steel – 25 N/25mm
Service temperature -­‐20 to 60 C

 VCI HDPE tape

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