VCI Plastics


VCI Sheets and Rolls

Product Code-VCI 701

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VCI sheets and rolls are available in various sizes and can be used for wrapping large or small components or equipments and for covering corrugation/ honeycomb layers.

Thickness  50 to 500 microns
Tube Sizes   2" to 200"tube
Sheet size  Any
Colour    Blue/Transparent
Printing   Upto 8 Colours



VCI 2D Bags


Product Code- VCI 702

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 VCI 2D bags are used for the packaging of small components which are further put into pallets or boxes.

 2D bags are loaded with SMP technology VCI chemicals to prevent corrosion and abrasion whilst giving complete transparency and viewability of the product.

Thickness  75 to 500 microns
BagSizes   Width 2" to 200

  Length Any

Colour    Blue/Transparent
Printing   Upto 8 Colours


VCI 3D Carton Liners


Product Code- VCI 703G,703H and 703FL 


 Corrugations contain high level of humidity. VCI 3D Carton Liners are used to protect steel components from effects of moisture.

 These are available as per the size of the carton in Gusseted (703G), 5 sided extended height (703 XH) or 6 sided bag with a flap (703FL)


Thickness  75 to 500 microns
TubeSizes   10" to 200" tube
Colour    Blue/Transparent
Printing   Upto 8 Colours


VCI 3D Pallet Liners


Product Code- VCI 704G, 704H & 704FL

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It is important to seal the packaging to attain an inert atmosphere with the Pallet box and restrict the influx of moist air. 3D Pallet Liners are used to form an air-tight atmosphere and prevent corrosion due to saline sea humidity entering the pallets.

 These are available as per the size of the carton in a Gusseted (704 G), 5 sided extended height (704 XH) or 6 sided bag with a flap(704 FL)

Thickness  75 to 300 microns
TubeSizes  10" to 200" tube
Colour    Blue/Transparent
Printing   Upto 8 Colours

VCI Bubble Wrap

Product Code-VCI 706

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VCI bubble wraps are used where impact protection such as dents, scratches are required on the parts during shipment and storage. These can be provided in the form or sheet or in custom sized bags.

Thickness  75/90/120 gsm
Tube Sizes   3" to 40" tube
Colour    Blue/Transparent


VCI Zip Lock Bags

Product Code-VCI 707

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VCI Zip Lock Bags are used to pack components which need removal and resealing.

 These are also used where multiple products are packed in a bag and then need to be used one by one over a longer time period.

Thickness  100/150 microns
Bag sizes   3" to 30" width bags
Colour    Blue/Transparent


VCI Foam

Product Code-VCI 708

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VCI Foam is used to wrap parts which may be susceptible to scratches, dents along with corrosion.

 VCI Foam provides cushioning effect with impact resistance.

 Thickness 1/3/5/7/10/20/50 mm
 Type   Sheet,bags and rolls
 Lamination PE Available
 Colour    White/Blue


VCI Printed Films

Product Code-VCI 709

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VCI Printed films have seen a growing demand in the auto industry especially for use in aftermarket spares. A great way to protect parts and brand your product.

 Holographic films can also be embedded in the pouch to protect from counterfiet products.

Thickness 75 to 300 microns
Tube Sizes   4" to 40" tube
Colour    Custom
Printing  Upto 8 Colours



Size- 4" to 200"
Printing- 6 colour
Roll Size-Custom
Thickness-30 microns +

Ideal to Pack:
After Market parts | Electronics | Steel Plates and Coils | Machines |Engines